Get a Beautiful Landscape with Low Maintenance by Xeriscaping

All of us know that gardening takes lots of time and the person who is busy most of the times cannot afford to make a garden. But it is not known to a majority of people that there is a process of gardening where it is possible to make a garden with a very low maintenance and cost. It is Xeriscaping. It is such a landscaping process where we can make a garden easily and run it with the irrigation of a minimum amount of water. Many of us don’t want to make a garden only for the consumption of large amount of water. Scarcity of water is not a limitation in this process. So it is best suited for the desert areas.                        

The landscaping in desert climates has only been possible by dint of Xeriscaping. It dramatically reduces the use of water. It also eliminates the need for fertilizers and pesticides. Xeriscaping does not mean the landscaping is done only with yuccas and cacti. There is a wide range of perennials which provide numerous floral colors.

Soil selection is the most important work for Xeriscaping. Enriching your soil is must if you want to do it in a desert. As desert soil evaporates any rain water quickly we have to keep organic materials in our soil. We can use compost for best service. Mulching can also help us to sustain moisture in the soil. We can also make landscapes under large trees which will prevent rapid evaporation of rain water by giving shade.

Plant selection is also very important for this landscaping. We must select such plants who can easily adopt the environment. The plants should be brought from local nursery to ensure that they are already accustomed with the existing environment. Native plants are best suited as they do not require more water than the environment can offer. Such we should use the best plant for the garden.

It is also important to learn from someone experienced before starting the work. It will help to adorn our landscape more efficiently.