Low Cost Landscaping

The new trend of responsible home owners is to make responsible choices that are healthy for the family and the environment. Previously, what has been the shining symbol of home ownership in America is also a great loss to the environment – lush and soft grass. As the image of the lawn has gained great status in the 20th century, owners have worked countless hours and spent countless dollars to develop and uphold the perfect lawn. To keep a lawn green and weed free  requires frequent watering, maintenance, and mowing. But today, with a great consideration of the environmental impact of their daily activities, many homeowners have begun to diminish the use of water resources and energy and chemical fertilizers and herbicides. A new trend is gaining popularity as a solution to ecological problems and economic costs linked with lawns: Xeriscaping.                        

The term Xeriscape (“x” is distinct like “z”) comes from the Greek “Xero,” which means dried out. Xeriscaping is simply a scene that is tailored to thrive with little preservation. It in general requires less water, pest control and fertilizer than traditional landscaping, saving resources of money, time and scenery. The main objective of Xeriscape is to exploit the ordinary features of the land and not to force something in the plane of the world. This means designing a Xeriscape should to take into account the contour and slope, soil and plants and flowers that are resident to the region and typical weather.

Because the performance of a xeriscape is basically right, regional landscape can be very undemanding to make changes. Look at your landscape plan in progress and see what can be adapted to reduce maintenance costs and save resources. There is a wide variety of beautiful and interesting plants and items that can be incorporated into a Xeriscape design!