Xeriscape – Landscaping in Dry Climate

Many of us consider gardening as their hobby. It is very easy in the regions where there is no scarcity of water. A beautiful garden needs a vast amount of water. So, normally it is impossible for people who are living in dry regions. But using technique we can make a beautiful garden even in a desert. It is Xeriscaping which makes it possible landscaping with limited water.                        

Xeriscaping is the process of creating landscape using a very little amount of water. Various techniques are required for this process. Selection of proper plants, types of soil, compost used, mulch and plant placement are the main aspects of Xeriscaping.

Water consumption in a garden mainly depends on the type of plants. So it is your first duty to find out suitable plant for the garden. Native plants are best suited as they do not need more water than the environment can provide. The next important factor is the type of soil. The soil must not absorb or hold water. The soil which can retain water is suggested for xeriscaping. In order to assist soil to conserve water we must use mulch. It prevents the sun to evaporate the ground water. The new plants should be divided according to their level of water used and place together as they can get maximum amount of water. Proper watering method is also important. There should be no waste of water due to burning of sun. It is the best way to avoid watering in the landscape.

Xeriscaping has so many benefits. Up to 80% water can be saved by this way. It costs less than traditional landscaping. Its maintenance cost is also low. Thus we can have a beautiful garden easily. So if you want to have such a landscape contact with us as early as possible.

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